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29 Dec

It’s funny how life goes in cycles.¬†Everything comes back around at some point or another. Things go in and out of style all the time.

I have put myself into “writing mode” – musically that is, and a loooong time ago I wrote a guitar riff that had this driving momentum to it. It was/is a riff that should be played loud, that you should bang your head to and should be played in an open top car driving through the desert with the wind in your hair. Its a big riff is what I’m saying. Very catchy, melodic and it rocks hard. However, I had a problem. I had no song to go with this riff. I wrote what I thought was a song for it but it didn’t pan out. Every so often I would come back to it and reacquaint myself with it and try and build a song around it. No, not happening. So I’d move onto other ideas and develop them.
Last night I was writing a piano part that would be both an intro and a verse but to break up those two sections of the song I had space for a guitar riff. Goofing around with some ideas and I went back to that old rocking riff I had stored in the vaults and it fit. Slightly slower in tempo (not by much) but it fit with the piano and it works.
So where I was trying to force a song around this riff it has come back into my conscience and has been integrated into a completely different song that it ever would’ve become originally. I suppose if you allow yourself to open up to different possibilities then cool things can happen.

There was a song I had written around the time of my bands first demo. It didn’t have any lyrics or a title, just called demo 32. It was a tight rock song. Had a good riff, a catchy lead melody and a cool sounding verse. The chorus was awful. Just ruined everything. So it got shelved. Came back to it a couple of years ago and worked out some lyrics/vocal melodies for it and built up the song from scratch, adding small parts and taking away the original chorus. By building up the vocals bit by bit I was then able to figure out music for the chorus and it has now become a much stronger song because of it.¬†