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EP Review: Tallisker – Heliotrop (2016)

14 Nov


Tallisker is a new, Paris based project helmed by electronic artist Eléonore Melisande . Melisande is a classically-trained cellist and creates music that fuses Baroque influences with Scandinavian folk and modern techno. She won the Inrocks Lab Award (2014) and the Booster Award (2015) and now she releases her second EP, Heliotrop this month.

Heliotrop provides me with the very first opportunity to listen to Tallisker and going in, I didn’t know what to truly expect. What I got was five tracks (I’m not counting the two remixes) of chilled out electronic music that mixed Victorian styles with trap aesthetics. The major force behind her work seems to be that of movement, expansion, drama and tension which are very much part of the Baroque aesthetic.

Airy, evocative Bjork style vocals ring out over lush soundscapes and luxurious textures. There is a haunting vibe throughout and at times, especially during “Cirrus” I felt a John Frusciante influence, most notably his To Record Only Water For Ten Days album.

There are definite hints of Bjork in the more introspective sections and when the epic, soaring strings and brass sections come in, there are elements of Sigur Rós and Massive Attack. There are filthy sub-bass lines going on here too which brings out the trap and rave side to Talliskers music.

In her words: “Most of the tracks were written in Glasgow, Summer 2015, while listening to a lot of classical music, mainly Baroque & Romantic-era masterpieces, plus techno and  trap music! It was my purpose to explore these extreme genres, from the most traditional to the most recent forms of music to accelerate the genesis of something hybrid and awkward. Heliotrop is also a manifest.”

Overall this is a good EP. As I said, I didn’t know what to expect going in but have given it a couple of spins and I have to say that it is a very well produced, put together record and one that is well worth checking out. For fans of the aforementioned Bjork and Sigur Rós.